Dermatologists Offer Preventative and Reactive Care

3 Cosmetic Reasons To See A Dermatologist

When you have issues with your skin, it can make your self-esteem suffer tremendously. If you have never seen a dermatologist for your skin issues and concerns, then you may be doing yourself a disservice. Your dermatologist can help you transform your skin from the inside out so that you feel more confident with it and happier with your appearance overall. Although dermatologists treat patients for a variety of different issues, there are three cosmetic things in particular that you may want to see your dermatologist about. 


Nothing can make you quite as self-conscious as having to deal with an issue like chronic acne. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, having acne can be painful and just make you feel bad about the skin that you are in. By visiting a dermatologist early on, you can hopefully not only help combat your existing acne but prevent new acne from forming all while preventing things like severe scarring. Depending on the type of acne that you have, your dermatologist may recommend either a prescription oral medication or a topical cream/gel. 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Although you can go to a day spa and get dermal fillers and Botox from a registered nurse, you may just want to see your dermatologist for that as well. Because dermatologists are trained not only in the skin but in the muscles in the face, they are likely going to have more expertise in ensuring that you get the results that you want from your injections. Depending on the overall look that you are going for, your dermatologist may recommend that you get one type of injection over another as well as how much of the injection you should get. 


Warts aren't anything that anyone wants to deal with, but they are something that a lot of people have, especially children. If you or your children have warts, you may be tempted to treat them with some over-the-counter topical medication, but chances are high that they will just come back after you are done. One of the best ways to get rid of warts is through a treatment called cryotherapy in which your dermatologist will freeze off your warts (and kill all the cells) by using liquid nitrogen. Although the treatment itself can be a bit painful, the results are usually long-lasting. 

If you want to learn more about your skin, reach out to a dermatology clinic like Desert Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists near you.